Chapter 106

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The day Trixi gave birth was pure chaos.

“Ash! How many fucking times do I have to tell you to leave the fucking seat down when you’re done in the fucking bathroom?!” Trixi screamed. Ash was standing in the middle of the apartment with his back to the door. His face looked worn out as he sighed.

“I’m sorry, honey. I won’t do it again. I promise.” He called out.

“Damn right you won’t!” She growled before slamming the bathroom door shut.

Ash’s eyes slowly fell to me as he walked towards the couch. Each step seemed like a grueling task and the second he got close enough he let his body fall onto the seat.

“Is everything alright?” I asked as I looked over at him. Amber’s face mimicked mine with creases of worry from the armrest.

Ash forced his head in our direction but let it rest on the back of the couch. “She’s been screaming for two months straight.” He spoke softly as if each word pained his throat to speak. “Every day it gets worse.”

Me and Amber exchanged glances before looking back at Ash. His eyes were closed as he tried to relax.

Suddenly Trixi waddled angrily into the living room. “You two are still here?”

“Well, yeah.” I said.

“We’re taking you out.” Amber stated matter-of-factly.

“Who said I wanted to go out?” Trixi glared.

“It will be good for you to get some fresh air, babe.” Ash said with his eyes closed as he leaned his head back.

“You trying to get rid of me or something?” Trixi growled.

“No.” He sighed.

“Then why the hell do you want me to leave?!” She yelled.

“I’m just thinking about you, Trix. You’ve been stuck in the house for weeks now.”

“You don’t like being with me?!” Her voice broke suddenly through her anger as a tear fell from her eye.

Ash let out an exasperated sigh. “I love being with you—“

“I know when you’re lying!!” She screamed. “It’s because I’m fat now isn’t it?!?”

Ash quickly got up and made his way towards her. “T, you know I love—“

“I can’t help it I’m fat!” She cried.

“I never said—“

“Well you know what? Fuck you!” She sobbed. She quickly waddled away from him and into their room. She grabbed a bag and started packing it with clothes.

Amber and I just sat on the couch awkwardly. We weren’t sure if we should leave or if we should stay.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Ash’s voice boomed through the apartment.

“I’m taking myself off your hands since I’m just so much to fucking deal with!” Trixi screamed.

“The fuck, Trixi?! No one said anything!!” He yelled.

My eyes widened as I stared down at my lap. I had never seen Ash angry. Even Amber was taken aback. “Maybe we should leave.” I whispered to her.

She nodded. “Shit’s getting a little too real right now.” She whispered back.

They kept screaming at each other as we quietly got up and inched our way to the door. Before we reached the door we heard a shriek come from the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” Ash‘s voice quickly switched into a voice of concern.

“Shit! My water just broke!” Trixi cried.

“Your water just broke?!” Ash yelled in shock.

“Yes, you bastard! It just fucking broke!”

I looked back at Amber with a sigh as I closed the door and rushed over to Trixi’s side.


It’s been three months since my baby was born. I fought the doctors against naming her/him, but they refused to let me leave without giving it a name. So I named him/her Rebel.

I didn’t want to hold it at first. But the doctors insisted. The second I looked down into her/his eyes I fell in love. I tried so hard not to but I couldn’t help it. They became my life and I couldn’t just let that get ripped away from me.

The first month I barely slept. Half because little Rebel refused to let me and half because I was terrified she wouldn’t be there when I woke up. I guarded her with my life and as each passing day went by I became more protective.

In the past three months she’s grown on everyone around her. Everyone stops by to see her and make sure she’s alright. It’s amazing the spark she’s given us.

But what I’ve fallen in love with the most is how Ash acts towards her. It’s like she’s become his princess. He loves her so much that it sends a pain through me knowing that one day she’s going to be taken away.

Some days when I lie in bed I wonder if maybe Sion and Domina have decided to let me keep her. That maybe they see too much good in her beautiful soul to take her from me. But I know it isn’t true. The nightmares I’ve been having just show as proof.

They started a few weeks after I had her. Each night it would start with darkness. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear the faint cry from Rebels crib. Each night the cry would slowly become more clear until now three months later I can not only hear a second voice whispering to her but the flash of red hair glowing in the darkness.

When I’d wake I’d jump up and run to her crib and hold her in my arms. She’d be sound asleep but I’d have to feel the rise and fall of her chest for myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it. And after I’d put her back in her crib I’d sit there watching her for the rest of the night.

The thought of losing her never leaves my mind. It’s inevitable but I pray every night that there’s some way to stop it. I’ve only had her for three months, but in those three months she’s become everything to me. And I honestly don’t know how I could possibly live without her.

Darkness encompassed the room. In the distance was the faint sound of crying. Rebel’s crying. I tried to get up but my body was paralyzed. The crying slowly became louder with each second that passed by. My eyes searched through the darkness for her. “Rebel!” I screamed, but no sound escaped my mouth.

Red appeared dimly in the distance. It slowly glided closer and made its way to the crying.

“Time’s up.” She whispered.

“No!!” I screamed.

Maniacal laughter erupted from the floating hair until suddenly blue eyes shined through the darkness. With a snap of her finger the image was gone.

My eyes shot open as I jumped out of my bed. Domina was standing over the crib holding Rebel in her arms. Rebel grabbed her finger as she cooed at her.

“She’ll make a fine leader one day.” Domina grinned at me. “It’s such a shame you won’t get to witness it.” She smirked maliciously as her victory danced in her eyes.

“Please.” I pleaded. “Let me make you a different deal. Please just give me back my baby.” Tears streamed down my face as I fell to my knees.

She smiled down at me and chuckled. “A deal is a deal.”

“No!” I screamed as I launched myself forward. Laughter bounced around the walls as she disappeared, sending me straight to the floor with a loud thump.

My body refused to move as loud sobs rocked my body.

“No!” I screamed into the empty apartment. “Give her back!!! Please!! Just give her back!!!”  I banged my fist on the ground as my body crumbled in on itself. “Please just give her back” I sobbed. “Please.”


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