Chapter 109

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My fist knocked on Amber’s apartment door hard. A second later the door flung open and I was greeted by bright silver eyes.

“No need to try to break my door, bitch.” She glared before rolling her eyes and walking away.

I shrugged and followed her inside to the living room. Trixi and Skylar were already waiting with mugs of blood sitting on the table. I took a seat and leaned back.

“So, what is this little get together all about?” I asked.

Amber was standing by the wall as she folded her arms across her chest.

“It’s about time we got our shit together.” She growled.

All of our eyes shot to each other before looking back at her.

“I’m sorry. But did you fucking lose your daughter to the underworld? I don’t think so.” Trixi hissed aggressively.

Amber nodded in understanding and shifted her weight. “Well, I think we need to figure out what exactly we want to do.”

“And why do you have this sudden need?” Skylar asked. “I thought we said we were on break.”

“I know we said that.” Amber pushed herself off the wall and walked over to sit on her coffee table. “But I still have at least one more album in me. I have some songs written and everything.” She eagerly looked at each of us. “They sound more like when we first started. None of that mainstream shit we did for the last album. Just straight raw thoughts and emotions from everything that’s been happening to us.”

Trixi tensed slightly from Amber’s words. Amber caught her through the corner of her eyes. “Don’t worry, no one will know about the demons or the way Rebel was taken.”

Trixi relaxed slightly and leaned back in her seat. Skylar intertwined his fingers together and narrowed his eyes.

“Who said we’re even ready to do another album?”

“Who said we aren’t?” Amber fired back.

“Look.” He began. “Maybe we should wait a little bit. Just until after—“

“Who’s the girl?” Trixi looked up with a smirk.

“How do you do that?!” Amber smirked.

“I have my ways.” Trixi laughed. “So who is she?”

“She’s none of your concern.” He growled.  “At least not yet.”

“She must be pretty special if you actually want to see her more than one time.” Amber raised her eyebrow as her lips curled up into a smirk.

“She is—“

“Then she’ll love to come to one of our practices then.”

Skylar glared over at her as his body stiffened with annoyance.

“I think the album would be good for us.” I blurted out.

“And why would you think that?” Skylar’s voice was laced with disgust.

“Can’t you see we’re falling apart? All of us. We aren’t the same as we used to be.” I said slowly. “Our music was what kept us together. It kept us all sane. And with all of the things that’ve been going on, we’ve spent less and less time together resulting in less time to play together. And it’s destroying us.”

They all looked down as I continued. “We’re a family, you guys. We might be dysfunctional, but we’re still family. And there should be no reason why each visit we make to each other we feel more and more like strangers.”

“She’s right.” Trixi joined in. “We never hang out anymore. Shit, we don’t even talk anymore.”

“And that needs to change.” Amber added. She looked back at Skylar with narrowed eyes. “Look. We can go back on break once we finish this album. It’s not going to hurt you or your mystery woman. But it will help you. I can guarantee you that.”

His eyes looked over the three of us before he sighed. “I guess you’re right.” He ran his fingers through his hair before getting up to pace. “So when are we starting?”

“As soon as possible.” Amber stood up quickly as her words left her mouth. “I’m going to let Max read over my songs but you guys can feel free to add to them if you want. I want this album to really be from all us.”

Sounds good to me.” Trixi smirked.

I cleared my throat loudly and leaned forward in my spot. “Before we start talking about the album, I just want to know one thing.”

Everyone looked over at me as I narrowed my eyes at Skylar. “Who’s this special girl that you never told us about?”

He looked away as he shoved his hands in his pockets. “Don’t worry about her.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about her. I just want to know who the hell she is.” I glared as I crossed my legs.

Skylar sighed and brought his hands to his forehead. “Her name is Rae. She’s blonde but she isn’t like most girls I’ve met.”

“I’m guessing she’s not a slut then.” Amber laughed as she took a seat on the couch.

Skylar gave her a quick glare and leaned against the wall. “No. She’s far from it. Maybe I’ll invite her to something one day.”

I’m hoping soon. I want to meet this special girl that could make you actually slow the fuck down.” Trixi teased.

“Can I get an amen?” I joked as I threw my hands up in the air. Amber stifled her laughter as Skylar playfully pushed me.

“You guys are clowns. You know that?” He chuckled while he grabbed his mug from the table. “I think I’mma head out though.”

“Can’t keep your woman waiting.” I grinned.

He gave us a quick two finger salute as he walked to the door. “I’ll leave this in the sink. Have a good morning you guys.”

“Same to you!”

“Just make sure she can walk when you’re done with her!” Amber called out through laughter.

Skylar threw his middle finger up as he walked out the door. The second the door was shut the three of us erupted in laughter.

“So you hoes are really up for another album?” Amber asked as she calmed down.

Me and Trixi nodded as a grin spread across Amber’s face.

“Alright!” She stretched out her arms and cracked her knuckles. “Let’s get to it then. I have some lyrics in my room.” She quickly ran off to grab them. I leaned back in my seat with a smile. Trixi looked over in confusion as she raised her eyebrow at me.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Because I’m happy.”

“About what?” She leaned back and put her arm up on the back of the couch.

“That things might start to go back to the way they were again.”

“I hear ya with that.” She chuckled.

A moment later Amber walked out of her room and sat on the floor with a small notebook. And it was like old times again. Just us and our music. Like when things were normal.


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