Well hello there, stranger. I’m Nestea7, but feel free to make up any nickname for me. Though my standard, preferred name is Nessa, but I’m open for other ideas.=] This is actually my very first story besides those creative writing assignments my English teachers give me. So I’m still learning the ropes, but I’m always open for comments and ideas… No seriously. I am. I mean, how else can I get better at improving my writing if I don’t get feedback, right? XD But if you’d rather comment on my very lonely thread on the sims3 site, then just click here. Well, to move on, this isn’t a legacy, just in case you were wondering.  But I would like to hopefully continue it through a lot of generations. So it’s more of a do-what-ever-I-feel-like-’cause-you-can’t-stop-me-acy.

MLCSC is really just a story about a girl going through her life. You’ll follow her throughout her teens and see her blossom into adulthood. Now, I know you’re probably like, so what? What’s the difference between this and any other story I’ve read? Don’t all legacies and rainbowcies and everything else watch their character blossom? What’s so special about this? And if you asked those questions, I’d honestly have to say yes. Every other story has the same concept. But, the way I try to tell it is a little bit different.

So, in order to explain what I mean, imagine that you’re watching someone’s life through a home video. In a home video, there’s lots of dialogue, and it’s a lot more raw just because of the fact that you sometimes never know what you’ll catch on tape. Home videos aren’t always pretty scenes of people having picnics in perfect lighting and completely perfect close-ups. It’s about capturing a moment and showing others how people truly are. I mean, if you didn’t catch those random, and sometimes sad moments on camera, no one would ever see it.

So MLCSC is basically about having you experience Will’s life first hand as she is experiencing it. You’ll get to see everything exactly how it is, and exactly how she sees it. Now whether you agree with her or like the way she does things is up to you to decide. Over all, you’ll be taking a front seat in this roller coaster ride of the life of a sarcastic, vampire celebrity child. But it’s up to you to figure out if you’re ready to buckle up for it.


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