Meet the Band

Meet the Band

Hello everyone and welcome to the Meet the Band page. On this page will rest all the bios and information about the band members of Night Crawlers. Information will be added as it is found within each chapter. Due to this fact, if you are not up to date with this story and wish not to have your experience slightly spoiled, I suggest you do not continue reading this. But if you don’t mind small spoilers or need to refresh yourself on bios, feel free to check this page out as often as you like. This page is strictly band related, so if a character does not have a huge impact on the band, their bios will continue to be posted in the Characters Page. Be on the look out for new information being added here.

Also, as reference:

Appearance age is, obviously, the age the character appears to be, if they are a vampire. It will also let you know what age they were when they were turned. Usually if the characters appearance age is 18, more than likely they were born a vampire unless stated otherwise.

Age Difference is the actual age difference between Will and said character. Due to the fact that these characters are steadily aging throughout this story, it would be quite confusing to continuously come back to change their actual age on this page. So if you ever want to figure out how old a character is, just figure out Will’s age and do the math. Or you can always feel free to comment asking me.

This reference applies to the Characters Page as well.

Appearance Age: 18

Age Difference: Unknown

Position: Lyricist

Download: Click Here

Bio: Patricia Maxi is a little ball full of energy. She has an aura of pure goodness and self-confidence that draws the attention of anyone in the room she enters. She lives with her longtime best friend, Alicia Young, who was turned at the same time as her. Nothing is known about the night of their transformation or of her human life.

Appearance Age: 24

Age Difference: 8 Yrs Older

Position: Drummer

Download: Click Here

NC Band Bio: Pt1

Bio: Trixi Laker is a woman full of secrets. Many of whom not even her boyfriend, Ash Penton has uncovered yet. Due to this, she has developed a hard exterior and a mentality that everyone is out to get her, causing her to not trust people fully. Not much is known about her past.

Appearance Age: 25

Age Difference: 9 Yrs Older

Position: Bassist

Download: Click Here

Bio: Skylar came to the city of Bridgeport with big dreams. The type of dreams are unknown, but all that is important is his search for stardom and to be noticed. While partying in the nightlife of the city’s darker areas, he was seduced by a vampiress and was later turned. Since that night he continues to be apart of the notorious night life of Bridgeport. He preys on the weak, seducing women within bars, clubs, or wherever he is that night. He’s made two very different names for himself throughout the city. In the human community, he’s seen as a threat to all who know what he’s up to, while to vampires he’s seen as a player and a hero to others. Aside from his flirty and manipulative ways, he can become the life of any party. He has a treasure chest worth of skills, such as bartending, playing bass, and even pool. Anything dealing with activities done while the sun is asleep, he’s your guy with the ability to do them.

Appearance Age: 23

Age Difference : 16 Yrs Older

Position: Guitarist

Download: Click Here

NC Band Bio: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Summaries

Quick Bio: Not much is known about her past, but in her eyes it wasn’t of much importance to begin with. She’s a fireball of bad energy, with one small thing being able to blow her up. Everything she does is  to be taken seriously as she’s never one to skirt around the truth, no matter how harsh it might be. She can be extremely outspoken at times and isn’t one to bring good vibes to the ones around her. The vibes she brings is bad energy. No one knows what causes this, but it’s believed she has a great deal of skeletons hidden in her closet. But even with these vibes, she’s very protective of the ones she cares about. She may not have many people she trusts, but she will make sure to go out of her way to defend the ones she cares for, no matter what.

Appearance Age: 22

Age Difference: 45 Yrs Older

Position: Manager

Bio: Antwone Davis is a straight to business kind of guy. He’s not one to spend time on something that will not further his business endeavors. So if it doesn’t mean money in his pocket, you might as well not even waste your breath. He is a highly motivated individual which some people mistake for arrogance and stubbornness. He just knows what he wants, when he wants it, and how he wants it–No excuses. As long as that happens, he is the friendliest guy you could ever meet.

Appearance Age: 24

Age Difference: 48 Years Older

Position: Assistant Manager/ Marketing Specialist

Download: Click Here

The Midnight Legacy: Click Here

Bio: Ruby Midnight is a no-nonsense woman who is not quick to hold her tongue. She developed this hard exterior after her transformation. Ever since she has flourished in the art of intimating those around her through her polished and proper speech. She takes her job and everything she does quite seriously, and because of this, she is Antwone’s go to person to get any job done. Although she may be seen as rude, she is actually the sweetest person you could ever meet once she warms up to you. Deep down she is a fragile woman who just enjoys to laugh and spend time with her dogs.

Age Difference: 3 Years Younger

Position: Intern

Download: Click Here

Baker’s Sweets: Click Here

Bio: After much thinking and debating, Sammy signed up to intern at Immortal Records. She was seen as insane since she would be the only human in a building full of blood thirsty vampires. But with the company being one of the top grossing record companies at the moment, she felt this was the perfect opportunity to show what she could do. Antwone found her spunk and determination to be genuine and amusing and hired her on the spot. Now as she works at the company, she fills the building’s walls with not just the scent of her blood, but the sound of her cheery, sweet personality.

  1. Hey I was wondering if you could have the band for download or if you could tell me where I could download each member because I would love them to make an appearance in Gen 8 of the Gilberts.

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  3. valpre says:

    This is so cool, I like the way you’ve introduced all the main characters, and how you tie them up to Will. I think Antwone is my kind of guy, I like his serious, no nonsense business approach.

    • nestea7 says:

      Thanks! I had to figure out a way to show their ages but it was getting confusing with them getting older throughout so I decided to base everything off her. XD And lol. Then you might like Ruby’s character too.

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